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literacy and numeracy

Literacy and Numeracy Requirements

All Ontario high school students participate in 2 province-wide tests in their reading, writing, and math skills through the grade 9 numeracy test and the grade 10 literacy test.

All students working towards their grade 9 applied or academic math credit are expected to take the grade 9 numeracy test. However, the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) is required for students to graduate with their diploma. Students who do not pass the OSSLT will have an opportunity to rewrite the test or take the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course. Accommodations are provided for special education needs students.

Results of the numeracy test will determine if students are meeting or exceeding the provincial standard of levels 3 and 4. The OSSLT is a minimum- competency test where students will be reported as being successful or unsuccessful.


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Student Evaluation and Examination Policies At the beginning of each course, students will be informed about expectations, curriculum content and evaluation. Students will also be informed about the assignment requirements, tests, and the calculation… read more

Ontario Student Record (OSR)

Each student will have an Ontario Student Record (OSR) maintained at Laureate College that maintains student achievement scores, term and final report cards, the Ontario Student Transcript, and any other pertinent academic information about the student.  Parents and students 18 years and over may request to view the OSR at any time.

School Support Services and Resources

All students will be provided the following:

  • guidance counseling for personal/social concerns, educational planning, and career planning
  • internet access
  • nearby food services
  • remedial support

School Code of Behaviour

Laureate College is a safe, nurturing, respectful, and positive learning environment that enables all students to succeed to their full potential.  Our facilities are violence-free that promotes a sense of belonging for all students.  Our values support … read more

Tutorial Services

Students who require remedial support will have the opportunity to obtain additional instruction by the classroom teacher. If intensive support is required, students have the option of asking for a private tutor or request the communications tutorial service for an additional fee.