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Student Evaluation and Examination Policies

Teacher helping studentsAt the beginning of each course, students will be informed about expectations, curriculum content and evaluation. Students will also be informed about the assignment requirements, tests, and the calculation of the final mark. On-going formative aassessments will be conducted to improve knowledge and skills as well as summative evaluation to demonstrate achievement for each course.

Ontario Secondary School (OSS) courses will follow the curriculum expectations and achievements in the Ministry of Education curriculum policy documents.

It is the student’s responsibility to be present for all assessments and evaluations given in each course. If the student is aware, in advance, that a test will be missed, it is again the responsibility of the student to inform the teacher including school sponsored events. Failure to communicate with the teacher in advance may result in a zero on the evaluation. If absent due to illness, a written note by parent/guardian for students under 18 years will be required and in some instances, a medical note may be asked.

At the end of each term, the student/parent will receive a report card that records student academic progress, learning skills, attendance and lates, and credit accumulation towards the OSSD. A copy of this report card will also be maintained in the Ontario Student Record (OSR) file by the school.

Learning skills include: work independently, work habits/homework, organization, initiative, and teamwork. Achievement of these 5 learning skills is reported by using the following codes:

N = Needs Improvement
S = Satisfactory
G = Good
E = Excellent

Students who wish to withdraw from a course must inform the teacher in writing by a parent/guardian for students under 18 years of age or by the student who is 18 years of age or over. The course will not be identified on the official student transcript if the course is dropped 5 days after the mid-term mark is issued. Otherwise, full disclosure will occur after 5 days and shown as withdrawn.

In all OSS courses requiring examinations, the following conditions apply:

  • written exams will be timed and supervised
  • mid-term exam will be a maximum of 15% in the course work of 70%
  • formal exam at the end of course will be a final evaluation mark of 30%
  • student is responsible for checking the exam schedule to note when the exam will be written on a specific date and time; no extra time will be give if student is late
  • student who is absent from any formal examination or final evaluation will receive a “O” unless a medical certificate is provided to the principal or designate

Academic Honesty:
Students must demonstrate academic honesty for all assignments, presentations, tests, and examinations. A mark of zero will be given to any assignment where the student has cheated or plagiarized. Parents/guardians will be informed as well as reporting to the principal for any further disciplinary action.

Plagiarism is the act of stealing someone else’s words, ideas, or images without acknowledging or giving credit to that individual’s work. Students who plagiarize can expect a zero as well as facing other consequences.