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Literacy and Numeracy Requirements

Provincial Secondary School Literacy and Numeracy Requirements

All Ontario high school students participate in 2 province-wide tests in their reading, writing, and math skills through the grade 9 numeracy test and the grade 10 literacy test.

All students working towards their grade 9 applied or academic math credit are expected to take the grade 9 numeracy test. However, the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) is required for students to graduate with their diploma. Students who do not pass the OSSLT will have an opportunity to rewrite the test or take the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course. Accommodations are provided for special education needs students.

Results of the numeracy test will determine if students are meeting or exceeding the provincial standard of levels 3 and 4. The OSSLT is a minimum- competency test where students will be reported as being successful or unsuccessful.