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School Code of Behaviour

students working togetherLaureate College is a safe, nurturing, respectful, and positive learning environment that enables all students to succeed to their full potential.  Our facilities are violence-free that promotes a sense of belonging for all students.  Our values support the global spirit:  Success, Pride, Improvement, Respect, Integrity, and Teamwork.  Throughout our program, student expectations and evaluation procedures are clearly stated for each course as well as providing regular and accurate information about their academic progress. Students have the responsibility to:

  • come to school prepared to learn, attend regularly and arrive to class on time
  • respect the rights of others to learn
  • respond respectfully and comply with staff instruction
  • apply the code of behaviour and the acceptable use of IT equipment and internet

Inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated on school property and nearby premises or at school sponsored events.  Prohibited conduct includes:

  • use of cell phones or other electronic communication devices without staff permission
  • bullying or intimidation in any form
  • ant-racist comments or actions towards others
  • smoking or use of drugs
  • disruption of classes

Dress code expectations are:

  • appropriate clothing that is clean and not offensive, vulgar or distracting to others
  • dress that shall not include language and/or representation on attire that depicts violence, profanity, racial or gender discrimination or discrimination of any kind that demeans an identifiable individual or group

The decision of the principal/designate on appropriate dress is final.