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Laureate International College Tuition Fee 2020 chinese

International Students

An international student will be given personal attention for him/her to succeed academically and adjust to the Canadian culture and lifestyle through program planning, tutorial support, guidance and counseling, special activities, and excursions. Details of the program will be provided during a student interview and additional communications. Customized programming is also available by contacting the school directly.

Local Students

Students who are Canadian residents are able to obtain customized instruction because class size is small giving teachers more time to work closely with students and provide extra support. Please contact the school for more details of courses that are offered and flexibility in delivering direct instruction or blended learning model.


To prepare for the IELTS or TOEFL test, students may wish to take the training course so that they are familiar with the requirements, skills needed, and the test.


Personalized instruction is an option for students who require direct instruction and accommodation for their individual learning model.